Types of Marketing Essays

by Karl Smerecnik on November 25, 2019

To market your business, you have to come up with an excellent strategy. There are many strategies that companies use to enable them to collaborate with the customers. It creates awareness for your customers and helps them know about product features, description, specification, and also their benefits. You can innovate new marketing strategies or even use the already tested and proven products. As a student, your teacher may request you to write an essay on marketing strategy. Do you know the types of marketing strategies??

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When brands to succeed overseas, they will have to start using their international customer base. However, even though they invest millions in marketing, this doesn't mean that they won't make any mistake and use the best translation companies in the market. Believe it or not, there are various international brands who failed in advertisement localization. This article will show you which were the biggest advertisement localization bloopers so far.

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Managing social media pages can be stressful. A constant need for written content and interesting topics drives most social media managers insane fairly quickly.

However, investing in an outsourced writer or hiring a content creator altogether can prove very lucrative in the long run. What are some of the most important benefits of high quality written content in your social media marketing?

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Follow Your Joy

by Karl Smerecnik on March 10, 2014


I really enjoyed listening to a recorded presentation from Bashar and I would like to share my notes from the talk that I organised into a blog post (the full transcript is here).

Why share someone else’s work on my blog? Because the ideas excite me, I love organising and presenting information that excites me, by organising the material it helps me better integrate it, and I enjoy the possibility of this post inviting dialogue among us around these topics.

May this inspires us to follow our joy. Let me know your response to it in the comment section or on my Facebook page, I would love to hear how it has impacted you :).

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The Transformative Power of Mourning

by Karl Smerecnik on May 8, 2012

When I am able to be fully present to my pain, fully encountering the emotions that are within me, while simultaneously connecting with the things I value in life (my needs), I experience a release of the pain, a deep rejuvenation, and inner transformation – this is the transformative power of mourning.

An example from my life serves as a good illustration.

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Honoring Our Needs


When I come to accept, honor, and have a deep love towards the things that are important to me (my needs), I experience incredible freedom and empowerment and feel naturally drawn to contribute to others. Let me unpack this with two examples and some explanation. When I value my health and wellbeing, when I really […]

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Healing Through Being With Anger


For the past 2 days I have been in a deep state of anger. It wasn’t directed at anyone nor was it directed at myself. I don’t quite know why it was there but it was intense. I found myself seething throughout the days. The littlest things would set me off internally – I wasn’t […]

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And you will remember to smile


I recently experienced a several day period full of intense fears, self-judgments, hopeless thoughts, and painful emotions. After going through this, I felt inspired to write this as a reminder to myself. I hope it may contribute to your journey. —- The path to enlightenment can be a painful journey. There will be times you […]

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An Epiphany


I recently had an epiphany. When I submit myself to self-sacrificial service of others (at times I have called it “loving others”), I then depend upon their appreciation to experience a sense of purpose, meaning, and worth. When I do things out of obligation and duty, it is inevitable that I will feel resentment – […]

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Remembering My Aliveness: A Story of Transformation


I had a call tonight with my new dear friend Jayne from Scotland, a fellow Nonviolent Communication (NVC) comrade. The conversation started out with low energy. We shared our struggles and frustrations about coming back from the empathic paradise we recently experienced at the NVC retreat we had attended. About 1 hour into the conversation, […]

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Writing Lessons and the Art of Wonder


Guest Post by Daniel Elias Galicia The best lesson a poet ever taught me wasn’t even a lesson. It was a hike. Paul Willis, an English professor at Westmont College, began my first Creative Writing class by leading us off-campus and onto a trail through the Montecito hills. Our only assignments were to follow silently […]

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See The Beauty Behind Our “Negative” Thoughts


Every thought teaches us about what we value, even the “negative” ones. I put negative in quotes because I am learning that there is no such thing as negative thoughts. Our thoughts are just teachers. Behind every thought there is a beautiful message and it’s up to us to learn how to see that message. […]

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The Humility of Wonder


“Sincerity must be bought at a price: the humility to recognize our innumerable errors, and fidelity in tirelessly setting them right.” – Thomas Merton The pursuit of wonder can be a very humbling path. In wonder, there is a recognition of all that I don’t know nor understand, an awareness of the limits of my […]

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