Create A State of Appreciation

by Karl Smerecnik on October 12, 2011

I believe that when we learn to cultivate an inner state of appreciation, we can better contribute to the world and have a greater sense of fulfillment in our lives. Appreciation is a state of abundance, a mindset focused on the “haves,” not the “have nots.” It’s a recognition of all the beauty, joy, and numerous opportunities we have received.

The more we intentionally take time to think about what we appreciate and share our appreciation, the more things we will find appreciation for. Creating a state of appreciation will transform our lives. Whatever we focus our mind on, we draw it into our lives.

I notice in my own life that when I am feeling positive, self-connected, and full of aliveness, I tend to feel a greater sense of appreciation for the people and gifts I have in my life. Sometimes, when I am not in that state of mind, I find that dedicating time to connecting with the things I appreciate, helps get me into that state of being.

Try this experiment. If there is something that you feel is missing in your life, perhaps an unmet need, start creating a state of appreciation around that thing. Write lists about how you appreciate times that the unmet need was met. Find ways to appreciate that need already being met in your life, even if it’s in incredibly small quantities.

October is Appreciate Others Month. If you are experiencing unmet needs related to people, take time to appreciate the people who have met those needs some time in your past. Take the effort to let people you care about know how much you appreciate them.

Start by joining the Appreciate Others Month Facebook Event Page and share one thing you are going to do to appreciate others.

Start Creating a State of Appreciation Today

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