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by Karl Smerecnik on March 10, 2014


I really enjoyed listening to a recorded presentation from Bashar and I would like to share my notes from the talk that I organised into a blog post (the full transcript is here).

Why share someone else’s work on my blog? Because the ideas excite me, I love organising and presenting information that excites me, by organising the material it helps me better integrate it, and I enjoy the possibility of this post inviting dialogue among us around these topics.

May this inspires us to follow our joy. Let me know your response to it in the comment section or on my Facebook page, I would love to hear how it has impacted you :).


Laws of Creation

These are the four main laws of creation:

1. You exist
2. The One is all and the All is One
3. What you put out is what you get back
4. Change is the only constant (except for the first 3 laws)

These laws are the building blocks for everything that follows.

Reality is a Mirror

Physical reality is a holographic mirror of our consciousness. Every object, person, situation, experience is simply a reflection of the frequency that we are emanating. Our frequency or vibration is made up of, or a result of, our beliefs, emotions and actions.

In order to change reality, we don’t try to change the mirror of our consciousness, we change our consciousness. If you look in a mirror and you see someone frowning, what needs to happen for the frown to turn into a smile? Do you wait until the mirror changes? Of course not, you change your frown into a smile and the mirror MUST change. That is the nature of the reality of your physical mirror.

So it is with the holographic reality that you exist in.

We have been taught to base consciousness, that is our beliefs, emotions and actions, on what we see in the mirror. In other words, we look to our external situations in our life to make us happy and feel safe and when we don’t feel safe, we try to change the external situations.

This gets us nowhere in the long run. It’s like expecting the frown in the mirror to change. Instead, we need to learn that reality is simply a manifestation of consciousness, what we are projecting outwards – what you put out is what you get back.

BUT there is a disclaimer. If we try to change our consciousness based on an expectation that something in our mirror reality should change, or needs to change in a particular way, then what is really going on is that subtly we are believing that our happiness depends on the mirror  (also known as attachment to outcome).

The key is to have no expectation of the mirror. Instead focus on the smile that you can create at any time.  Find your joyful excitement in the present moment, it’s always accessible, and trust in nature of reality to reflect back what you put out (also known as Grace).

The Building Blocks of Reality

Your reality is a result a of your beliefs, emotions, and actions. Using the metaphor of building a house:

Beliefs are the blueprint
Emotions are the builders
Actions are the building materials

What you believe determines what and how you build your house. In other words, the reality you experience is a result of what you believe.

The secret is that whatever you believe to be true can be true for you. In fact, all truths that exist are actually true. This is the nature of the infinite/God/All that is, that we as humans are both a part of the Infinite and are the Infinite. There is no external reality that is separate from our consciousness – the One is all and the all is One.

The key is finding which truth most accurately represents who you are in the present moment. You will know who you are by the feeling of excitement and joy.

If you feel joyful and excited, you have found yourself/your truth, and that is what you need to follow.

Changing Reality

By examining our motivation and beliefs/definitions, we can change reality and change is the only constant – so get comfortable with it.

We must take responsibility for everything that is occurring in our experience. Most of us have been taught to think of “responsibility” as a demanding list of “shoulds,” that it requires us being harsh or judgmental of  ourselves or others, a whip to keep in us line. This can certainly be our truth if we want it to be true but there is another option.

Responsibility can instead mean “the opportunity to respond.” What a gift to be able to respond with in whatever way we want: joy, creativity, freedom, fun, play! It’s up to us to choose.

We must examine why we have been motivated to choose certain courses of action. We must ask ourselves, “how have these behaviour and belief choices benefited me?” For there always has been some level of benefit of the painful beliefs and behaviours, even if it has just been a means of confirming our belief system to feel safe.

If you believe change is painful, it will be so, and you will be motivated to continue to choose experiences that are painful, and find evidence to support your painful beliefs. Remember, what you put out is what you get back.

The trick is understanding that reality is completely dependent upon our beliefs. Moment to moment we can completely change the entire past/future timeline of reality simply by changing our beliefs and then allowing our emotions and actions to be informed by that new belief.

We literally can become an entirely new person each and every moment, free from all past patterns, if we choose to be!

When experiencing an undesirable situation, look for what beliefs are present and then ask yourself, “how could I redefine this belief to feel my own true energy, which will feel joyful, in this present moment?”

Welcoming Fear

Fear is our natural vibration but filtered by a belief system that IS NOT in alignment with our true nature. Excitement is your natural vibration filtered by a belief system that IS in alignment with our true nature.

Fear is simply a note on an instrument that is out of tune. The out of tune note is letting you know that there needs to be an adjustment to the tuning apparatus – which is our belief system.

When we welcome fear as a friend, we are telling the universe, I want to be in perfect harmony, please show me how I’m out of tune so I can adjust my instrument (beliefs).

Do this by diving into fear, feeling it fully, and let it ignite your curiosity for how you can tune your belief systems.Play with fear and remember it is simply initiating a self-inquiry process.

Imagining holding a stringed instrument and turning the tuning peg back and forth while you pluck the string. The sound will go sharp and then flat, sharp and flat, sharp and flat, and eventually you get it to be the perfect pitch. You know you have found that right pitch when it sounds/feels great.

So it is with our beliefs! As soon as you tune the belief to the right one for your truest self, you will feel it in your body instantly. It will feel like relief, joy, happiness, peace, lightness or love.

Follow Your Joy

All truths are true. This is the nature of the infinite. Choose which truth is you and live that truth fully and joyfully until something new feels true for you.

Keep following your excitement until the  direction shifts to a new belief and then keep following that thread – and it will continually shift as change is the only constant. You can change your beliefs at any time. Excitement is the thread you need to follow, not how things look on the surface, because your joy is an indication of who you really are.

Life is like a puzzle in this way. Only by being your natural joyful self will you fit into the place that has been designed for you and this will also simultaneously support other people to find their place in the puzzle.

“Live your dreams, instead of just dreaming about being alive.”

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