Empty the Mind, Follow the Signs


“Look at this window: it is nothing but a hole in the wall, but because of it the whole room is full of light. So when the faculties are empty, the heart is full of light.” – Chuang Tzu I am continuing to learn that a life of wonder consists of emptying my mind of […]

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Welcome Our Thoughts and Feelings as Guests


I have recently been experimenting with a technique for maintaining a sense of inner openness: I visualize my thoughts and feelings as guests that I welcome in to the guest house of my mind. This was inspired by (outright stolen from) the Rumi poem The Guest House (see below). It’s been very helpful for maintaining […]

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Stepping Into Wonder in New York


“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi   Tonight, in the dark of my seat among the audience, whilst David Darling improvised on the cello, and Coleman Barks improvised readings of Rumi, and Dionesia Garcia improvised a whirling Dervish dance, I was moved to a awe-enveloped place of wonder. An Experience of Stepping Into […]

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Finding Wonder Through Intuition


“I wandered in the pursuit of my own self; I was the traveler, and I am the destination.” – Sir Muhammad Iqba Stepping into wonder is primarily a process of creating inner space. The inner space to listen, see, feel, ponder, and be anew. My capacity for creating a space of wonder and harmony in […]

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Learn to Request Appreciation


Do you find yourself wanting to know if your actions are appreciated by others? I could imagine that if everyone shared their appreciations for others more often, we would see a lot more smiles around us. Unfortunately, many of us tend to forget how important and meaningful it can be to offer our appreciation for […]

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How to Receive the Gift of Appreciation


October is Appreciate Others Month. One way I have been sharing my appreciation for others is to write a letter of appreciation each day to someone who has touched my life. During this month I have been thinking a lot about not only how I can better share my appreciation with others but also how […]

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The Difference Between Compliments and Appreciation


October is Appreciate Others Month here at Stepping Into Wonder and I am dedicating each post this month to the topic of appreciation. For many years, the primary way I shared my appreciation for others was through compliments. I was taught how to do this from a young age. This is something I have also […]

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Create A State of Appreciation


I believe that when we learn to cultivate an inner state of appreciation, we can better contribute to the world and have a greater sense of fulfillment in our lives. Appreciation is a state of abundance, a mindset focused on the “haves,” not the “have nots.” It’s a recognition of all the beauty, joy, and […]

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I Appreciate You


October is Appreciate Others Month here at Stepping Into Wonder. So far I have shared my appreciation with some of my favorite bloggers and began writing my daily appreciation letters to friends. If you would like to join in the movement to appreciate others this month, see the Facebook Appreciate Others Event and share with […]

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Appreciate Others Month


October is Appreciate Others Month   Think about all the people who have touched your life, who you appreciate, and are grateful to have encountered. When was the last time you told them you appreciated them? Well now is your chance! Appreciation is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to others. For the month […]

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